Last Friday (November 25), I had the great honor of receiving the first award of the man and nature category of the prestigious contest GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year, with the photograph “My hands”.

I would like to thank the jury for deciding that my photograph is the winner, but also to thank all the people that make possible that the GDT is a reality that helps to show works like this. Realities that we find very near us, here in Europe.

Really, it’s not a nice image, in fact, the opposite, the image shows the state that many of these places in habited by animals are in, in countless zoos. This kind of place is one of the main reasons of why we have a lack of animal welfare: the stereotipies that are “movements and repetitive actions without an end”.

“My hands” is an example of these stereotipies; it was made in Madrid Zoo and shows a mandrill who, now and then, returns to the glass and hits it, leaving his fingers impregnated,

This award it will help me to continue making this project strong (

Winner, man and nature: My hands



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